Estimated worth of I.T industry is USD 5 Trillion, with more than 4.48 billion users around the world. D.I.T Planet invested in many sectors and will invest in every sector of I.T industry. We are looking for white investors with clean investments for the growth of our company.

Investment Plan

If we managed to conquer USD 5 Trillion I.T Industry, we will initiate our 10,000 market shares.

The share price will start from USD 500 million and will grow from Industry progress.

We will reserve fair share of each of one who will participate to accomplish this goal as following

  • I.T companies will hold 55% share worth 2.75 Trillion USD
  • Governments and their I.T sector will hold 20% share worth 1 Trillion USD
  • D.I.T Planet will hold 20% share worth 1 Trillion USD
  • D.I.T Planet’s management, employees, developers and any third party property included hardware, software, research, technology, social accounts, web hosting, themes, plugins, codes, designs, images, content and etc will hold 5% share worth 250 billion USD

The capital will distribute according to the contribution anyone made, and increase from the growth of industry.

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About D.I.T Planet

Having a vast experience in the field of Information Technology with our specialty in Data Recovery and Hard Drive Engineering we have conquered the data recovery technology with industry standard and certified techniques to restore all kinds of data and media with great success ratio.

As per growing needs of technology and its advancement We have expanded our departments to cover the full I.T services in Web Development, Software Development, App Development and Computer Forensic.

D.I.T is an I.T company made with full coverage of all kinds of innovative I.T solutions to provide our valued customer Best in industry services, our 10 years of research in Information Technology enable us to provide professional service in the field of Data Recovery, Web Development, Software Development, App Development, Computer Forensic and I.T Consultancy.

We welcome you to our journey of technological advancement by being our precious client. And give us the opportunity to serve you and your business needs with great success.