GOD Theory Training

To get training about GOD you can hire me online or on-site the training cost is $10,000 for basic understanding read below education.

GOD Theory:

If you want to understand GOD you must forget everything and expect that you are GOD right now. If you accept that you are GOD right now then explain to us how you describe yourself. You must create something into existence to be proved that you are GOD. Example you create a computer machine into existence and program like whatever you want computer start working like you program but computer never know about his creator and his purpose of existence same like us we never know our creator and purpose of our existence. Then you sent computer a  message to display your name as a creator of this thing computer then display your name and understand that you are the creator of this computer machine. Same as we do in our life in the beginning we never know about our creator and our existence but after reading GOD message which is sent to us we understand our creator.

Creator is must be one:

Somehow this is completely impossible to understand a creator of anything for the creation because creator always Omega and the one and only powerful thing for the creation. Creation has the ability to utilize his given power and technology but unable to become GOD but creation are also GOD of his creation like I explain to you that you are GOD of a computer machine but computer never be your GOD.

Creator of the creator:

After understanding of this example we can understand the theory of GOD but our mind raises many questions like who is the creator of GOD? As I mentioned that it was completely impossible for the creation to understand his creator and that is also impossible to understand a creator of the creator. That is why many Humans believe in one GOD the creator and the Omega who create Human and sent his Messenger to understand his existence.

Believing in existence of GOD:

After believing  in the existence of our GOD who sent us a message to understand his existence we can develop state of the universe Answer in our mind that if creation is existed then must be a creator and he is one and only Omega.


Training Details:

Training duration will be 1 month and explain with the help of Quran the final scripture.