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Lost Data recover with us, Your Data is precious. We have new Techniques, Tools, Software and Experience to handle any kind of Data Recovery.

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HDD Recycling


Recycle, reuse, reduce and save environment we have years of experience in hard disk drive recycling, it will cut cost of user and improve environment.

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Do you want to know how to do data recovery and planning for data recovery business? Get our data recovery training program and save years of work.

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We have expanded our business to web development, software development and mobile, app development, make your idea possible with us.

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Chairman & CEO Message

Written by Muhammad. Posted in Founder

I have developed this company for the advancement of I.T industry, with I.T our future has no limits. Information Technology  is now a need of almost every sector of the world and industry estimated worth more than US$ 500 Trillion with more than 3 billion people connected.

D.I.T Planet not cover all sectors of I.T but since 2010 providing key services and solution to it’s happy clients. The aim of the company is to develop professional experience in every sector of Information Technology.

My message to world is to study and research in Information Technology for bright future and utilize IT resources to go beyond our dreams, with I.T everything has a possibility in easy ways.

About D.I.T Planet

Having a vast experience in the field of I.T with our specialty in Data Recovery and Hard Drive  Engineering we have conquered the data recovery technology with industry standard and certified techniques to restore all kinds of data and media with great success ratio.

As per growing needs of technology and its advancement We have expanded our departments to cover the full I.T services in Web Development, Software Development, Human Mind Research, Diplomacy and Climate Change.

DIT is an I.T company made with full coverage of all kinds of innovative I.T solutions to provide our valued customer Best in industry services, our 10 years of research in Information Technology enable us to provide professional services in Data Recovery , Web Development, Software Development, Salvage mind and I.T Consultancy.

We welcome you to our journey of technological advancement by being our precious client and give us the opportunity to serve you and your business needs with great success.